This is our review of MultiLotto India. An international gaming hub set right here in India. If you want access to mega life-changing jackpot games, then you need to read this MultiLotto review as it presents the best and grandest lotto online service.

Accessing lotteries online here in India is limiting, well, it was until now. Here you will learn just how expansive the gaming can get and how big the fortunes can be.

We will be discussing the selection of worldwide lotteries you can play. We talk about the legal status of the operator and their website, and we also share the optional banking details with you.

All that you would need to know and want to know will be right here, starting with the kick-ass games made available.

Online lotteries worldwide

MultiLotto India is a global platform that is now open to the Indian market. As such, you can now finally experience the grandiose spectacle of lottery gaming that presents a colossal scope of jackpot gameplay that no other lottery concierge service can match, anywhere!

MultiLotto India is the home of lotto online. You can bear witness to titans of the industry by accessing lotteries like Megamillions, EuroMillions, and the US Powerball.

In total, there are 65 international lotteries to immerse yourself in. There is no bigger platform when it comes to international lottos than what you have with Multi Lotto.

Here are just some of the epic lotteries you can play from every corner of the world, right here in India.

  • Euromillions
  • EuroJackpot
  • California SuperLotto
  • Gold Lottery
  • Viking Lotto
  • Australia Powerball
  • French Lotto
  • Canada Lotto
  • Lotto2021
  • South Africa Powerball

Notification of results will be emailed to your account, and you can also choose to opt for notifications should you decide to download the Multi Lotto mobile app.

Playing lotteries are very simple. You pick the lucky numbers, and the virtual ticket will be retained in your account.

The site also provides an abundance of casino games with slots and scratch cards made available. Some of the titles found here include:

  • Templar Tumble™
  • Jupiter’s Choice™
  • Money Train 2™
  • Sherlock Bones™
  • Chaos Crew™
  • Emerald’s Infinity Reels™

MultiLotto legal

Is the MultiLotto India platform legitimately sound? Can you win a jackpot and keep it? And what are the gambling laws and regulations of India?

Well, when it comes to the laws within India, there are areas that are unclear which we will address.

With gambling, everything is banned unless licensed by the government. This is how Indian players are able to still gamble in India’s land casinos out in Goa or Sikkim and take part in India’s national lotteries found across 13 Indian states.

See, it’s not legal unless each state wishes to govern the practice of gambling in any form. However, when it comes to providing a lottery betting site this is where the facts become unclear.

So, not business within the India border can create their own online lottery concierge service, so to speak. However, foreign operators can still provide a lotto online service to players within India because they are registered outside of India.

India has no law that prohibits their players from accessing foreign casinos and, thusly, you have the loophole in the law.

But do not go thinking that this is still some underhanded loophole and if you get caught you will be in trouble. This is far from the case. Since online casinos had been in place, no player from India has been stopped, removed, or threatened with charges. The government won’t and cannot do it. The loophole exists because the government cannot regulate it to that extent, of telling a billion people in the country what they can and cannot do online.

So, what makes this site safe if they are a foreign entity? Well, being a foreign site should not raise any concern. This casino is registered in Europe and is licensed by the largest governing body in Europe, the Malta Gaming Authority.

The casino is licensed under registration number MGA B2C 3382016 which will be up for renewal in 2022.

Lotteries in India

MultiLotto India provides an alternative to the jackpot lotteries that already exist within the borders of India. The service allows you to access tickets for lotteries at your own convenience. Having this lottery betting site means you can play for riches beyond that which is offered by the state lotteries.

Multi Lotto is a high quality lottery concierge service, home to lotto online and accessible through their own MultiLotto Mobile app.

The app is optional as the casino can be accessed without just using the web browser on your device.

MultiLotto deposits

MultiLotto India provides a number of secure and reputable banking services that can help players to secure their deposits and withdraw money should they be lucky to win a jackpot or smaller prize.

Before you sign up to join this lottery betting site do make sure you can meet the payment requirements listed below that will help you to buy tickets for lotteries. Your banking preference will not be added to your account until you have made it and activated it.

All deposits allow for instant transactions so you can get your gaming of lotto online straight away.

You can also purchase lottery tickets online via the MultiLotto Mobile app using these same payment methods.

Payment MethodDepositWithdraw
Diner Club International
Bank Transfer


The Megamillions jackpot averages around the ₹800 Crore mark. It is one of the most popular lottery tickets online and you can access it here at MultiLotto India.

How do you play Megamillions online?

Here is a basic 5-step instruction to accessing the game through MultiLotto India:

  1. Select your five lucky numbers from 1 up to 70
  2. Pick your MegaBall number from 1 to 25
  3. Pick further lines to play additional games which is optional
  4. Click on Place Bet to confirm your selected numbers
  5. Process your deposit and payment to conclude the transaction

You can head directly to the site from our MultiLotto review to register and access games like this and the Powerball. Just click on the link above.

Lotto Online at MultiLotto

So, this rounds up our MultiLotto review. As you might be able to tell, if you want the biggest and best tickets for lotteries from all around the world, then MultiLotto India is the only lottery betting site you need in your life.

Accessing lottery tickets online safely and securely can also be done via the MultiLotto Mobile app which can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple App Store. The website also has a QR code that can get the app for you instantly.

The operator is fully licensed, and the casino is legal for players in India to join. You can bank with your rupees but just remember to open up an e-wallet service to make your life so much easier.

No other platform online will give you the kind of open access as Multi Lotto casino does. 65 lottery games is a staggering number of options and the possibilities are just too good to turn down. This is more than making people millionaires. Some of these game prizes go into billions!

Enjoy the scratch card and casino options as well. They will expand your winning potential and adds additional entertainment to an already highly exciting platform.