Bitcoin Casinos in India


Welcome to our player’s guide to bitcoin casinos. With the world now recognising that crypto is a form of currency that’s here to stay, it might be of worth learning just how the new range of online crypto casinos work.

We look at all things linked to your standard BTC casino, discussing all things from getting a bitcoin casino bonus, to playing the very latest Bitcoin casino games.

We understand that the whole topic of Bitcoin online casinos can be a daunting one, but you have nothing to worry about, the only thing that changes in all of this is how you pay to pay and what you’re paid back in return for winning.

You’ll soon find that after getting through our guide on bitcoin casinos, that the industry of blockchain casino service, really is no different to that of a more ‘traditional’ casino.

Gambling online with BTC

With crypto being so new and Bitcoin itself getting the worst press coverage of all time, it’s totally understandable why many scoffed at the whole premise or idea that currency could be something that only exists in the world of binary code.

A little irony there given that is how most of the global currency is logged anyway. Nevertheless, since the turn of 2021, crypto has boomed like never before. 99% of cryptos have hit all-time highs since the turn of the year and with banking firms like JP Morgan getting involved, you know there is no way back now for crypto like the bitcoin.

There really is now a mainstream feeling that coins like bitcoin are the future of online currency and with casinos, it is now an option and way forward for players, because of its limitless potential across the whole landscape of crypto coins and even now the tokens being produced.

Casinos were the first onto this way back in 2015 when the first set of gambling platforms started to accept cryptos like bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and litecoin.

So, how does it all work with Bitcoin online casinos? Well, there is no real great change to it all. Bitcoin casino games act in pretty much the same way as regular rupee games. If you want, you can claim a bitcoin casino bonus, just like within a regular rupee casino. The whole BTC casino platform only shifts slightly in that you are opting to use your crypto to make a payment.

Because of the whole payment scheme, you will find there are two forms of bitcoin casino. You have those which are older sites made long before crypto and aren’t 100% perfect. Then you have the proper blockchain sites that were made for crypto payments.

Casinos accepting Cryptos

Let us first make you aware about the casinos that accept bitcoin but are not really 100% perfect yet are still classed as Bitcoin online casinos. What you will find is that one there was a bit of buzz about bitcoin in 2015 and through to 2017, casinos were adapting their payment solutions. They could accept bitcoin payments, but then they would just convert them into rupees and players wouldn’t actually be playing with BTC or for it.

This isn’t the best service for BTC players given the value of the coin. Post-2017, is when Bitcoin casinos in India became a real, proper thing. Sites were being built to actually support the cryptocurrency, along with litecoin and ethereum. The BTC slot machines were adapted to give players a provably fair system which scanned for faults before each spin. A BTC casino could now perform as it should.

There is now more clarity on the market as to what casino is a true bitcoin casino and those that are not. There is a steady growth of blockchain sites being built and with this, there is a clear evolution to the blockchain casino which will try to separate itself from the ‘traditional’ currency casinos because it’s still all about competing to be the best in the gambling market. Right now, there is very little difference and bitcoin users may start demanding that there is, given the value of the coin.

Best BTC casino

So, which is the best bitcoin casino out their in the India market and what makes a bitcoin casino great?

Well, to help explain and define what goes into the Bitcoin casinos in India we take a look at one example which is the incredible site of

From the very second you load up this Bitcasino platform you are hit full on with the opportunity to win a new Tesla car. This immediately sets the tone for what bitcoin casinos are all about, prestige, class, and something revolutionary.

As with any casino, you will have games, but there is only one change so far to the Bitcoin casino games that doesn’t overly change the playing experience. At the moment, slots are built with a provably fair system check. This is basically a system scan which is done before every spin is made, it lasts half a second, and will code the spin with a serial number that confirms it was fault-free. It’s cleaver in that it sounds like bitcoin players are having special treatment, but regular slots have this coding check as well, it just runs the coding differently. So, BTC slot machines are just the same and just as numerous.

The blockchain sites also supports players with live dealer games and in some casinos, sports betting is an alternative option.

For those using bitcoin in India to gamble online, the only real diversity is found in the service and feature details. So given the high-value of the bitcoin, crypto sites offer high-roller clubs as well as your standard VIP services. There is also live RTP information that tells players what games are currently the hottest and paying out at a better rate.

And, obviously, the banking benefits that come with bitcoin means that not only do you get to instantly play with BTC deposits but also withdrawal times take no more than 10 minutes, should the withdrawn money be of an epic value, but usually the time it takes is seconds.

Seeking the best also falls upon your personal preference. Currently, the options open to players in India and around the world are limited and so far, many of them are to a very high standard. Sites like have already won two awards at the ERG award show back in 2020. Sites like Bitstarz were being nominated and shortlisted back in 2017 and 2018 for best casino, which in this early period was extraordinary for a casino to pull off, given that bitcoin was only just accepted by the industry.

The fortunate position for players in India is that bitcoin casinos are still a newish concept, there is little competition, therefore, those making the crypto casinos are at the forefront of design and service, so you’re getting the best there is right now.

BTC Casinos in India

Now, as stated before, there are two kinds of Bitcoin casinos in India and for those that are new to the world of online gaming, it might be hard at first to tell which is a 100% bitcoin casino and which is not.

Knowing which is the best bitcoin casino in India to pick can be done from either the homepage or the banking section of the website.

A casino hosting bitcoin services should make it clear from their welcome bonus if they are going to sell it right. If you see BTC marked on the homepage welcome bonus, then this is a sign that bitcoin is useable. However, for more clarity, it is best to check the details within the casino’s banking page. You need to look for confirmation bitcoin can be used both as a deposit option and withdrawal.

If you are looking to play with Bitcoin at a casino site in India, then getting the crypto in the first place is the only part of the whole experience which takes up most of the time, besides playing the games.

How to use Bitcoin

Getting bitcoin is your first step before you start looking at any of the Bitcoin casinos in India.

You will need to register with a broker that sells Bitcoin (BTC) and though one bitcoin is expensive, you can buy part of a bitcoin or mBTC as it would be classed.

Once you have made your crypto purchase, you need to get a secure crypto wallet, this is what you will then be linking to the bitcoin casinos you join.

Inside the casino, with the banking section, you will select bitcoin as your preferred payment of choice and you will assign the crypto wallet address, which is simply copied and pasted, given how extremely long the data is.

Once you have it connected, you can start making BTC deposits to allow you to play games inside the crypto casinos you join.

This is how simple it is to use Bitcoin at a casino site in India. The only change in all this experience is how you pay. The playing and winning stuff is all the same, dealing with promotions, customer services, it is all the same.

Crypto payment is the future of gaming online and it’s happening right now. It may not be to the scale of other casino formats, but time is on the crypto’s side. Get inside the best bitcoin casino in India and be part of the movement in gaming that will lead you toward the future of gaming.

Bitcoin bonuses

If you want to be rewarded for joining the best bitcoin casino in India then the option of casino bonuses are available. There are a handful of bitcoin casinos out there wanting you to be their client. You can join one or more bitcoin casino and each will present a special bonus, however, bonuses are not the main marker for whether a casino Is good or bad.

All the Bitcoin casinos in India will change their bonuses from time to time to keep up with trends in the market. Because they are subject to change every week, month, and season, we must look at the bonus details to understand their true potential and worth.

Yes, you will get extra mBTC and free spins to play with through the casino promotions, but you have to read the bonus terms and conditions (T&Cs) to fully understand how the offers really work.

Terms will cover how much and how many BTC deposits you need to pay first to activate any bonus offer. The terms cover what games are eligible, it tells you when the whole offer expires and what the bonus wagering requirements are. The details tell you of the true bonus quality.