If you are unaware as to the popularity of cricket in India, then we would like to know which rock you have been living under all your life. Cricket is massive in India - in fact, cricket in India is so big that it is pretty much a religion to the one billion people that call this beautiful country home. If you walk down the streets of India trying to find somebody who does not like cricket, we are pretty sure that you will be searching until the proverbial cows come home. As well as watching and playing cricket, Indians love betting on it and in the following article, we shall provide you with information regarding the best cricket betting sites in India as well as discuss the history of Indian cricket and if it is legal to gamble in India.


Cricket in India

The first thing this article is going to take a look at is how cricket in India came into being. The British brought the game of cricket with them in the early 1700s when they first arrived on the shores of India. Whenever they needed to pass some time, they would do so by enjoying some cricket and the locals would stand around and watch them play, awestruck by this weird and wonderful game.

The first cricket match on Indian soil took place in 1721 when the English settlers took on the British Army. The British Empire soon started to move throughout India and as they did so more Indians got a taste for this great game. They loved it so much that in 1792, the first cricket club in India, the Calcutta Cricket Club, was created and it is now the second oldest cricket club still standing.

Cricket continued to increase in popularity as a sport and in 1848 the Parsi community opened the Oriental Cricket Club. They were the first to send a cricket team to the United Kingdom, but they struggled due to the unfamiliar conditions.

However, the English could recognise talent when they see it, and they were impressed by the cricketing skills of the Parsi people. In fact, they were so impressed that they decided to send their own team to India to play against them in 1889. The visitors went on to lose by 4 wickets, meaning that this was the first defeat on Indian soil for the English.

Lord Harris, who was governing Bombay at the time, realised just how good the Indians had got at cricket that he decided to organise an annual game between the British and Parsi to continue their development further. The first team made up of only Indians took a tour of England in 1911, and then thirty odd years later India played their first international match.

Cricket Betting Sites Online

With regards to gambling in India, there are many different cricket betting sites that allow Indians to sign up with them. In fact, there are so many cricket betting sites available to us Indians that it can often be difficult to find the most suitable one for us. Luckily, there are many different online comparisons sites available that you can use to make your decision a lot easier. When you are searching for online cricket sites to open an account with so that you can start betting on cricket, there are some important criteria that you have to pay very close attention to, and we have provided you with a list of them below:

  • The Welcome Bonus being offered
  • The odds that they give for cricket markets
  • The variety of cricket markets available
  • Whether the security is good enough
  • The variety of payment options available
  • Whether the customer support is up to scratch

There is nothing preventing you from randomly choosing cricket betting sites, but if this is how you go ahead and select your bookie, then do not be too surprised if you end up with an account that you do not use at a rubbish sportsbook. Therefore, we really do suggest that you do your research before jumping right in and committing to any online cricket sites.

When you are betting on cricket on online cricket sites, it is vital that you do plenty of research before you submit your bet and risk some of your hard-earned cash. You can find plenty of great cricket news at cricketworld.com that you can take onboard to help increase your chances of making a successful bet.

Do All Betting Sites Accept Players from India?

This is a question that we have heard many times, and the clear answer that we can give to that question is no. As a matter of fact, you will be hard pushed to find any cricket betting sites out there that will happily accept players from wherever they are in the world. Betting sites, for one reason or another, will always have restrictions for players from certain countries. However, as we have already mentioned, there are many different cricket betting sites that us Indians can register with to enjoy cricket betting in 2021. Therefore, it does not really matter if there are some betting sites that do not allow Indians to sign up with them.


Which Are the Best Sites for Cricket Betting Online?

When it comes down to online cricket sites, it is not an exaggeration for us to tell you that they have not all been created the same. There are online cricket sites that Indians can sign up with that are much better than their competitors. So, at the time of writing, what are the best bookmakers for us Indians?

Well in our view, one of the very best for Indians is www.10cric.com. Why do we feel that this is one of the best around for Indian sports betting fans? Well, to begin with, it is a bookie that has dedicated itself completely to the Indian public. Therefore, since they cater for us Indians, you should not be surprised to hear that they have plenty of cricket betting markets available and some very good cricket betting odds. Alongside cricket, you can also place bets on other popular sports in India such as horse racing, football, and kabaddi. There is a great Welcome Bonus that you can claim if you open an account with 10Cric and they have very good customer care, a lot of banking methods available, and an excellent mobile app.

Another top-quality sportsbook that you should definitely have a look at is Betway. This bookie came into being in 2008, and in the 12 years since they have propelled themselves to one of the best and most respected bookies in the world. They will provide you with a variety of cricket markets and will never offer you less than satisfactory odds. If you opt to join them on their adventure, there is a tasty Welcome Bonus that you can claim. They also provide their customers with a very good mobile app to ensure that you can bet on cricket matches wherever you happen to be.

Sportsbet.io is a baby when compared to the two bookies above as they have only been around since 2016. If you decide that they are the bookie for you, then you can bet on at least 30 sports, with plenty of markets and top odds for all the biggest cricket events that take place. To add to this, they have a very good Welcome Bonus too, very good customer support, and offer many different banking options. They do not yet have a mobile app, but this is not something that should put you off them as they have a very good mobile site.

Legal Betting in India

At the time that this article was written, the only kind of gambling which is legal throughout India is the lottery and horse racing. You can find land-based casinos and other types of gambling in Goa and Sikkim, but these are two exceptions to the rule. Gambling regulations are very vague in India because the current regulations make no reference to online gambling. This is something to be expected when the regulations being used came into existence long before the Internet did. Thus, as it stands, it is not illegal for Indians to register with online bookmakers and casinos so long as they are not based within India.

The Indian government have made no secret of the fact that would like to eventually fully regulate the gambling scene in India as they know the amount of money that it can bring in. Additionally, there are plenty of issues when it comes to illegal back alley gambling throughout India, and the government feels that making gambling legal and regulating it would help to decrease these activities. Therefore, although most types of gambling are not legal in India at the time of writing, we are pretty sure that this is going to change soon so that the Indian government can start making more money.